DEFINITION: Any Act By Government Or Agents Contrary To Constitution Or Law IS A CRIME, NOT "Just Politics"!
God Bless Our Troops
The Destruction Of Public Education
Growing List Of Articles And Links Showing Administrators, Teachers Unions, Government
Officials And Regulations Are Working Together To Destroy Patriotism, Morality,
And Produce Ignorant But "Good Little Socialists"!
Selected by James Dearmore II, a BP Editor
Pray And Work Daily For Restoration And Preservation Of Our Liberties!
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"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."- Thomas Jefferson
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Texas School Trying to Cover Itself Over
Report of Girls Made To Wear Burquas
Thought Police Punish High-Schoolers
For Their Patriotism
Caesar's Schools Turning Kids Into Good Little
Romans (And Why It Can't Be Otherwise)
L. A. Teachers Have To Wear
"Pro-Gay" Badges
Texas Christian University
Forbids Pictures Of Guns
It Is ‘Legal To
Hunt' Children?
Common Core Pretends To Focus On Critical Thinking Maine Governor Regrets Signing Common
Core Curriculum Into Law
School Says Bible Verse More
Offensive Than Rap Lyrics
Public Schools Teach Of The Biblical Benevolence Of Barack
High School Text Book Literally
Re-writes History
Common Core Blotting
Out The Civil War
Georgia School Confiscates
Christmas Cards
Malkin: Arne Duncan's War
On Women And Children
DOJ Orders Cancellation of School
Board Meeting Over Islam Protest
Teacher's 3rd Grade Lesson Presents
Messianic View Of Obama – Literally
"If You Like Your School; You Can
Keep Your School. Period . ."
School Board Erupts In Laughter Over
Ridiculous Common Core-aligned Lessons
Court: OK To Fire Teacher
For 'Religious Materials'
L. A. Teachers Have To Wear
"Pro-Gay" Badges
More To Come Texas School Trying To Cover Itself Over
Report Of Girls Made To Wear Burqas
It Is ‘Legal To Hunt' Children?? Thought Police Punish High-Schoolers
For Their Patriotism
Texas Christian University
Forbids Pictures Of Guns
Georgia Tea Party Group Calls School Board Members' $267 Hourly Pay ‘Ridiculous' Columnist Claims Lawmakers Racing
To Please Teachers Union
Yikes! Inner-City Teachers
Deserve Combat Pay
3 High School Soccer Players Accused Of Sexually
Assaulting 3 Freshmen At Mass. Sports Camp
Really?! 6-Year-Old Punished
For Lego-Sized Gun
The Washington Post Exposes
A Sexual Deviant
Are Public Schools Brainwashing
Your Children?)
Obama: Sex Ed For Kindergartners
‘Right Thing To Do'…
Kansas Public School Promotes
5 Pillars Of Islam
America Has Become The
No Fun Nation (NFN)
Are The Youth Falling For
Media Spin Doctor’s Lies?
Muslims Use Schools To Secure Foothold In Europe
Penetrating Public Universities Across Continent
Were American Students
Smarter 100 Years Ago?
Liberals Set Race-Based School Standards
In Florida, Setting Bar Lowest For Blacks
Obama Backs Race-based
School Discipline Policies
School Prayer: 50 Years After The Ban,
God And Faith More Present Than Ever
11 Public Universities With
Worst Graduation Rates
Special Needs: Conservative May Get Anti-discrimination
Protection At Colorado College
Why Our Teachers Can't Teach American Education: "D minus"
And Going South
University Tells Student To
Remove Cross Necklace
Teacher Transcends Job Description
(Exception To Destruction Rule)
Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America, A Chronological
Paper Trail, by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
School Apologizes For
Threatening Valedictorian
Anal Hazing Is Apparently A Thing
In American High Schools Now
Valedictorian Defies Rules
Delivers Lords Prayer
Education Bill To Give Special
Protection To Homosexual Students
Boy Suspended For Saying
"G" Word On Bus
Boys To Shower With Girls In
California Public Schools
Bradlee Dean: Father of ADHD
Calls Himself A Liar
8th Grader Suspended, Arrested Over NRA
T-Shirt Now Faces $500 Fine And A Year In Jail
Student Suspended From School For Saving Classmate's Life; School Says It Does Not "Condone Heroics"
School Cancels Graduation
Over Prayer Controversy
Three Grade-school Boys Allegedly Forced
Third-grader To Perform Oral Sex On Them
School Bans Bible Club Prayer
Box, Reagan Quote
Tell Elected Officials And Agents - Federal, State, County or Local - They MUST OBEY Constitution And Laws ALWAYS!

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" - President Ronald Reagan
War Against Christians
Destruction Of Public Education
About Sarah Palin
Gun Control Ignoramuses
Race And Race Relations
Corrupt, Incompetent Government
Government Scandals Exposed
Muslim Subversion Of USA
The Obama "Legacy"
About Immigration And Illegal Aliens
Christian Founders Of United States

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