Fact Sheet About Bill Clinton And
Richard Clarke On Terrorism

Interesting clip from the blogs some years back, and
still pertinent today! - Author Unknown

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"LET ME SEE IF I GET THIS STRAIGHT (I'm a victim of public education). Clinton and his administration, including Richard Clarke, get their first warning that Osama bin Laden is a potential adversary early in '93 with the first WTC bombing. Follow that up with the Somalia debacle and Blackhawk down. Clinton's response was always the same.

1. Pound fist on podium.

2. Bite Lower lip and "feel pain" of victims.

3. Vow to bring perpetrators to justice.

4. Do Nothing to deter, discourage, or counter terrorism.

5. Go back to working on getting re-elected.

This modus operandi re-assured the terrorists that they had nothing to fear from the American President, he was a paper tiger.

As we used to call his type in my military days, 'Simonize' after the floor wax. Shine a mile wide and no depth. Mr. Clarke has been the chief counter-terrorism expert, responsible for advising both Clinton and Bush.

After his track record of the Clinton administration, I would be embarrassed to point a finger at Bush for "not taking the threat seriously enough".

We all saw how seriously the Clinton administration took the terrorist threat. And now Mr. Kerry comes along and lectures us on how the terrorist threat is exaggerated! Ask the Spaniards in Madrid if they still feel that the terrorist threat is exaggerated!" (Ed Note: Or the Brits, or the French -- or we could add thousands more terrorist atrocities to the list).

"Go to Site Reporting Over 20,000 Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11"