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Obamacare Destroys Personal Liberties
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"In questions of power . . . let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." - Jefferson
Forbes: White House Predicted In 2010 That 93 Million Would Lose Their Health Plans Under ObamaCare
New Plan To Get Rid
Of ObamaCare
The Affordable Care Act Makes
Needed Drugs Unaffordable
Convicted Terrorist Worked As An
Obamacare Navigator In Illinois
Ted Cruz Refuses To Rule Out Another
Gov't Shutdown To Stop Obamacare
The Obamacare "Meltdown" Will
Be A Liberalism Meltdown
New ObamaCare Fees
Coming In 2014
14th Change To Obamacare Law
Without Congressional Approval
H. Dean Gets His Rosy Obamacare Predictions
Stuffed Where The Sun Doesn't Shine
Another Lie from Obama? That Falsifies
Entire Rationale of ObamaCare? Really?
Obama-chaos Has Begun: (Un?)Insured
Leave Hospital Without Treatment
Top 10 Broken Obamacare
Five ObamaCare Bombs
Waiting To Explode
In Your Heart You Know He's
Right (Cruz, That Is- JHD)
Finally A Deserved Award:
Politifact's ‘Lie Of The Year'
Why Obamacare Is the ‘Biggest Bait
And Switch' Since Social Security
Obama Not Yet Enrolled In
Namesake Health Law
Obamacare Premiums Higher
Than The Mortgage
Lawmaker Says Enrolling In Obamacare
Is Like Addiction To Crack Cocaine
Two Years Old And Not Part
Of The Family? (Updated)
Mark Halperin: Obamacare
Contains 'Death Panels'
We Live In A World Of Lies
Obamacare Navigators Encouraging
Fraud, Jeopardizing Private Info
Latest Obamacare Glitch: One-Third Of
Enrollees May Not Get Insurance
The High Price Of Saving A Disaster
Liberal Semantics And The
Redefining Of Death Panels
Rep. Goodlatte: Obama Rewriting
Laws, Ignoring Constitution
Andrew McCarthy: Obamacare
A 'Cataclysmic Disaster
Obamacare's Marriage Penalty How A President Unravels How To Use Obamacare To Scam Taxpayers
Obamacare Failing Even Where Website
Works And Rates Are Lower
Cancer Patient Who Said He Lost Insurance
Because Of Obamacare Now Audited By IRS
ObamaCare Website Crashes When
CNN Tests Upgraded Version
Now Official: Obama Wants To Delete
The "Obama" From "Obamacare"
‘This Conversation Never Happened': Latest Undercover Obamacare
Video May Create Problems For ‘Nonpartisan' Enroll America
Legalizing Illegal Immigrants Is The
Solution To Obamacare: Democrat
Obama Voter Pays Ultimate Penalty: Time To
Die Of Cancer Because Insurance Is Gone
After Repeal Of Obamacare: Moving To Patient-
Centered, Market-Based Health Care
Another Obama Lie Exposed: He Was Briefed On Problems In March 2013 Obama's Big Nothing To Help Obamacare
The ATM Ate Obama Has Known Of Obamacare
Problems For Years
President Obama - Killing You Softly
Socialized Medicine
Horror Stories
Sebelius: Possible For Convicted Felons
To Become Obamacare Navigators
College Students Shocked At Cost
Of ‘Affordable Care Act'
In Your Heart You Know He's
Right (Cruz, That Is - JHD)
Dr. Ben Carson Diagnoses
Obamacare's Disease
Why Obamacare Is The ‘Biggest Bait
And Switch' Since Social Security
Election Integrity Activists: Obamacare 'Biggest
Voter Registration Fraud Scheme In History'
Ted Cruz Refuses To Rule Out Another
Gov't Shutdown To Stop Obamacare
Pressure Mounts For Sebelius To
Resign Over Obamacare Collapse
Experts: Obamacare Tech
Failures Only Beginning
Obamacare Website Debacle
Magnifies Larger Problems
Why Not Make Democrats Vote To Exempt
Themselves From Obamacare Every Day?
Americans Shocked At Obamacare
Premium Increases
SBC Analysis Of President
Obama's Health Law
Obamacare Facebook Erupts
With Citizen Sticker Shock
So. Carolina House Passes Bill Making
‘Obamacare' Implementation A Crime
Great Cartoon About
WWJD About Obamacare? Canadian Firm Hired To Build
Troubled ObamaCare Exchanges
Bold-Faced Lies Of The President
Concerning ObamaCare
Obama-care Blow It Up (Cartoon Truth About ObamaCare) Stephen Bowers - Dangerous Politicization
Of Healthcare
Daily Caller: Rand Paul Wants Chief Justice Roberts,
All Federal Workers, To Enroll In Obamacare
Barack Obama Kills Big
Bird's Health Care
Medicare Reform That Saves
Seniors And Taxpayers Money
The Left Feasts Upon
The Blood Of Youth
Cruz Cures Krauthammer
Of Cul-de-sac Phobia?
Cruz Control Should Be
Standard On GOP Models
Congress Should Stop Subsidizing Warren
Buffett's Health Care, Not Increase His Taxes
The Crux Of Cruz's Message:
Obamacare Is A Disaster
Fighting The Good Fight
Against ObamaCare
Congress's Exemption
From Obamacare
Anti-Obamacare Rallies: Organizers Hail
Big Turnout Because No One Wants It
Obamacare Rate Hikes May Approach 300% In Some Instances, Says AMAC
Parts Of Obamacare Delayed
To Hide Truth & Save Elections
The 4 W's Of Defunding
ObamaCare's "Data Hub" Should
Be Its Death Knell
The Chicken, The Confused, The Clown, And The Crybaby Terrifying! Obama Regime Unveils Behavior Modification
Program to ‘Nudge' Americans (BP - Like Hitler??)
ObamaCare Suckers Needed,
Inquire Within
Morning Bell: 3 Whoppers From
Obama's Big Economic Speech
Kentucky ObamaCare
Quickly Collapsing
Obama: $1 Trillion In Obamacare
Spending Is Historic 'Tax Cut'
When You Can't Actually Keep
Your Health Care Plan
Tide Turns On Obamacare In Kentucky
Tomorrow (dated, but interesting)
Obamacare Provision: Mandatory
Home Inspections
Democrats Trying To Suppress The Confusion
And Hide The Cost Of Obamacare
Rep. Paul Ryan Slams Acting IRS Commissioner
Danny Werfel For Not Understanding The ACA
Proof: Obamacare Raised Family's
Insurance By Nearly 300%
Mass Exodus Of Capitol Hill Personnel:
Obamacare Is “Too Expensive”
I Smell B.S. And It’s Coming
From The White House
Truth About Obamacare In 1 Sentence Video
Tell Elected Officials And Agents - Federal, State, County or Local - They MUST OBEY Constitution And Laws ALWAYS!

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" - Pres. Ronald Reagan

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