Patriot Ponderings

Iraq Study Group Report
By Jimmy Dearmore
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Well with the Iraq Study Group Report now out, one wonders what else we can do to kick our selves in the face.

We are Now Back in the Vietnam Mode. Again!

We now have a "Blue Panel Commission" setting military policy, and strategy. Just like Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara. No war in history has ever been won by a Committee; of course you can't tell the committees that!

Traitors and Cowards Best Describes the "Iraq Study Group".

To suggest we must admit our failure and seek forgiveness from our enemies and the World, is fatalistic to say the least, and cowardly at worst.

Mr. Baker and Mr. Hamilton need to be told, "Thank you, but no thanks. Go back to your little 'Diplomatopia' and dream of everyone coming together to discuss our problems and settle everything by consensus, with all sides compromising to insure success."

We can then turn all our military functions and personnel over to the United Nations and all will be well. NOT!

In the mean time we need to take the Bull by the Horns and do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FINISH WHAT WE STARTED IN IRAQ, AND DO IT NOW.

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